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Social Media, Women Entrepreneurs and a Dilemma

Recently, I talked with a professional woman who said she needed to learn how to use social media for her business. She seemed mystified by how to use Twitter and Facebook to expand her online presence, and she said she would like to learn more.  She is not alone.

According to the 2014 National Association of Women Business Owners Report, 85% of women entrepreneurs believe using social media will help their businesses. However, only 67% of them actually use it to market their products and services. In addition, only 54% of women business owners are confident that they can build a social media presence. As we looked at these numbers, Lisa, Doris and I saw ourselves. We have learned a great deal about what social media really means and what it takes to build a business. However, continuing to improve our effective use of social media is a work in progress.

Whether it is the time required to use it or the time and effort required to learn how, women entrepreneurs should look seriously at how they use or do not use all the tools available to them if they are going to make the most of the changing marketplace. Read more

Irene Becker

Irene Becker Hangs Out with WLS to Conquer Online Overload

Tuesday evening, 2/25/14, we were honored that Irene Becker joined us at Women’s Learning Studio for our inaugural monthly Women of Worth Google Hangout. At the Studio, we believe all women have worth, and Irene took center stage in showing us how truly valuable she is. Her wisdom, humor and enthusiasm radiated from frozen Toronto to warm our hearts and lift our spirits.

Irene was the first woman CEO of a multi-million dollar steel company in Canada, and she was the first Rotarian in Canada. Today, she is the president of Justcoachit and an online dynamo with over 25,000 Twitter followers. She is included in more than 2500 Google+ circles.

Although the topic for our E-vent was Conquering Online Overload, it was so much more. Irene talked about Online Overload, but she filtered it through her unique and insightful lens. Read more