5 Steps: Transform your organization into a learning one

What do member organizations, small business, and large corporations all have in common (no, this is not a joke!)? They are all experiencing the changing world of work, from cloud technology to web meetings to social media campaigns and marketing. They are all also trying to keep up with new tech devices and ways of communicating, which seem to change every day.

In last week’s blog, Doris presented an infographic, based on Jane Hart’s new approach to learning, that outlined some basic needs organizations have in regards to working with and attracting members and competent staff to fulfill the organizational mission and goals. A large part of attracting volunteers and staff is the learning opportunities the organization provides and keeps providing to equip people with the skills they need to work towards and achieve organizational targets. Here is the section of the infographic that shows the learning gamut from structured to unstructured, guided to Do It Yourself (DIY) learning: Read more