How LEADERS — and REGULAR PEOPLE — Get Unstuck!

Maybe it’s because Spring is upon us.  But all of a sudden, everywhere I look, I see examples of people needing and wanting to reset their lives.

And getting unstuck is our Studio theme for March which no doubt helps me be more receptive than usual to reinvention and rebirth efforts.

For instance, the Tampa Bay Times recently featured a First Person story by Fawn Germer, a self-help guru and professional motivational speaker.  Fawn had the answers for “moving beyond your insecurities and taking charge of your potential” for others but when she entered a period of “darkness that had wrapped itself” around her, she had to find her route out of it. Her “Forrest Gump” solution was to walk Pinellas County’s gulf coastline (including the barrier islands only accessible by boat), a distance of 60 miles according to her own GPS apps.  As she walked day after day, Read more