Our connected world in these modern times of terror, human connections, and social media

I was, like most people I know, shattered by the terrorist attacks in Paris. The city of light became the city of horror, with innocent people killed, injured, and/or frightened. In our connected world, Facebook and Twitter lit up with information, and misinformation. Those on Facebook draped their profile pictures in the colors of the French flag with an easy to use app. Mashable, the digital media website, created a twitter account “En mémoire” as a moving memorial to those killed with people posting a picture and a sentence or two about a victim. During the attacks, instagram and twitter photos flooded cyberspace. Read more

Gifts, Blessings and Gratitude

Charlee-_2-150x150As we come to the end of the year and look forward to 2014, we asked Charlee Hanna, blogger, website manager, organization guru and white-water rafter, to write a guest blog for you following our theme for this month  — gifts and celebrations. We hope you find it as meaningful as we did… 

I have had a very blessed life with many different experiences. I have had the privilege of living the extremes of life and very rarely in the middle.  Because of the range of experience I have also had the privilege of knowing a great variety of people.  Some have hard-calloused hands and dirt under their fingernails while others have literally saved the world and brought world peace. Some have very few possessions and others are rich and famous. Most of them try hard to give more than they take.

Greg is a close friend of mine.  I do not see him much but I think of his story often.  He grew up in the 50’s, with a father that was always out of work and a mother who connived constantly in order to keep the family going.  There were other hardships in his childhood and he developed a debilitating stutter.  The family moved often and his life was very unstable, unstructured, and with few rewards.  His late teens and twenties often included a state penal system address.  Not a great beginning.  There was a marriage, some children, a variety of unskilled jobs, and a divorce. Life was a struggle. Read more