ECO 2.0–Online Learning Opp from Encore Tampa Bay & WLS

…it is vitally important that we are constantly sharpening our skill set in order to stay competitive and relevant in a volatile jobs market and rapidly changing world. Skills that were cutting edge five years ago are likely out of date now, and the jobs that we will perform in the next decade or two may not even exist yet. What are some of the ways to develop new skills?  –Ann Mehl, Executive and Business Coaching, September 1, 2015

ECO 2.0 is one VERY GOOD way to develop new toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets.

Lisa Levinson and I are proud partners with Bevan Rogel and her talented crew at Encore Tampa Bay to bring encore seekers together in Encore Connect Online 2.0.  ECO 2.0 supports encore seekers with:

  • 21st century digital skills that help you compete in today’s job market or land exciting community service opportunities
  • an online network to clarify personal direction and make new friends
  • freedom to explore key encore issues with peers
  • personal & group coaching from us WLS learning concierges–Lisa and Doris–to overcome barriers to using new technologies and online routines

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Learning from Our Parents, Millennials, and ECO

Lisa’s Memorial Day post on her father’s self-effacing leadership and that of General Eisenhower, later to become President Eisenhower, moved and informed me. Father’s Day is Sunday. As this annual honoring of fathers approaches, I’m reminded of how my Dad helped shaped me and my learning values.

My Dad was naturally curious throughout his life. Even yard sales where he would buy well-worn medical and nursing texts for fifty cents each became a source of knowledge. In his later years, he would have a stack of open textbooks next to his favorite TV-viewing recliner. He would play diagnostician and ask me questions about the results from my last blood panel. Because I was healthy, I seldom retained my normal-range numbers. But he would ask for printouts of his results and study them to identify trends. My father was an electrician yet was always learning something new about vascular, digestive, and cardio-systems.

After my Dad died in 2014, his geriatrician told me that my father had developed good insight into the human body’s functions.  She said one of his gifts to her that she passes onto her medical students in geriatric rotations is taking the time to really listen to and learn from patients about their physical and emotional health.

While I might overlook normal test results for myself, I try to be open to learning in other contexts. Work projects, blog posts, novels, Google searches, and opposing opinions are all opportunities to learn. Read more

Encore Tampa Bay and WLS Launch ECO–Encore Connect Online

Those of us at midlife and beyond are far from the scrap heap.   We are poised to invent an entirely new stage of life—the encore years—between the end of midlife and anything resembling old-fashioned retirement. … and in the process to revamp the nature of all preceding life stages, opening options for younger people who can make life decisions with the expectation of more than one bite of the apple.

Marc Freedman, Founder & CEO of

Marc Freedman, Founder & CEO of

– Marc Freedman, Founder and CEO,, in the Forward to the Encore Career Handbook by Marci Alboher

 The national Encore organization “is spearheading efforts to engage millions of people in later life as a vital source of talent to benefit society. … with the ultimate goal of  creating a better future for young people and future generations.” now has over 35 member organizations in its network, including Encore Tampa Bay. Read more