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Lisa’s post last week on Meaningful work for you and the world compelled me to hit the pause button.

She touched me with her descriptions of Pope Francis’s passion for people, and organic farmers’ passion for healthy food and sustainable agriculture. She also made me think about how we find and act on our passion, and how creativity plays into it.

I went to the Live Your Legend website explored in her post to learn more about how this organization helps “people find work they love that makes a difference in the world by connecting like-minded people together both online and in person.” The inspiration and tools I found there impressed me, just as the work of Encore Tampa Bay helping people in the middle stage of life refocus on their passion and purpose after long careers that ended voluntarily or rudely, enthuses me, too. Read more

Meaningful work for you and the world

It has been an awe-inspiring week. The Pope visited the US and spread a message of humility, service, and human connectedness to each lunar-eclipse-767808_640other and the planet. The total eclipse of the moon was spectacular here in Maine, with a clear sky full of stars and the moon turing red as the eclipse progressed. The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Common Ground Fair celebrated rural, organic farming practices and food over its 3 day celebration of healthy living. I felt privileged to participate in these  events – they seemed to change the fabric of our lives for the better, at least for a few days.

What struck me about this past week was that the events, activities, and messages were not only inspirational but delivered by people who were passionate about what they were doing. The Pope demonstrated his passion for people, especially marginalized people, by visiting a soup kitchen instead of schmoozing with politicians. Friends were abuzz for days about the eclipse, posting factoids and other details on social media. The farmers and gardeners at the Common Ground Fair gave lectures, demonstrations, and advice freely (and free) to attendees and peers. Read more