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We are big fans of Harold Jarche and Jane Hart at the Women’s Learning Studio.  At least once a week, Lisa and I talk about ideas in their blogs that we have DIIGO-ed in our Studio  group account.  They regularly expand our perspectives on personal knowledge management and workplace learning processes and technologies, and how we approach working with others to become proficient and efficient online learners.

Jane Hart’s recent writing on a “new approach to learning” available here and her “modern social workplace models” discussed  here sparked us to design the infographic below. Its purpose is to illustrate how adult learning is changing and how women’s membership organizations might choose to respond to their own and members’ needs.


Please tell us:  What does this infographic make you think about?  How does it help inform your views of learning in organizations? How might it guide your actions as an individual learner? How can the Studio help actualize your online learning potential?

We would love to receive your comments below or via email. Thanks and have a great day!



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