Is Learning the New Fountain of Youth?


Like many of us I embark on new year’s resolutions, those promises to myself for self-improvement. In addition to my perennial resolutions of  losing 10 pounds, exercising more regularly, being present in the moment, I review my learning plan for the year.

I am energized about my learning plan as it leads me to new territories, places, and mental challenges. As part of my learning plan for 2013, I decided to broaden my learning horizons beyond my comfort zone, and subscribed to the Harvard Business Review as one of my action steps. In this month’s edition, Wolfgang Lutz wrote an interesting column on aging and productivity and prosperity. He says “…education has been shown to be a key determinant of better health, longer life, and higher productivity (not to mention open-mindedness). “

Brain research backs this up. Learning boosts neuron production, retention and health. In How to Save the Brain Cells that are created every day of your life, the Infinite Unknown blog by Tracey J. Shores  describes how learning creates new neurons and prevents them from dying off, thereby boosting your brain! Tracey ends the blog with: “They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and certainly as adults, many of us find it painful to learn something completely new. But if we want to keep our brains in shape, it probably would not hurt to learn a new language, take up tap dancing, or tackle some fast gaming after your Wii Fit workout—and it might even help.”

My learning plan for 2014, still under construction, will strive to do just that: learn new tricks in new ways to keep my brain healthy, boost my productivity, and live longer. Broadening my learning horizons is still on the agenda, and being part of the Women’s Learning Studio has certainly sent me sailing into acquiring new knowledge, skills, and abilities. I plan to learn more about using social media marketing, using collaborative technology like Google +, and seeking out new online tools that will enhance my online work and life. I am taking a MOOC about learning, which will engage students and universities from all over the world. I can already feel new neurons crowding my brain!

What’s in your learning plan for 2014? Don’t know? Unsure? Let the Women’s Learning Studio coaches and/or learning concierges help you think about and construct your learning plan. If you have one, tell us about it. Let’s explore the new fountain of youth and learn together!

 *Photo credit: How to save the brain cells that are created every day of your life, Tracey J. Shores, Infinite unkown blog
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