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Irene Becker Hangs Out with WLS to Conquer Online Overload


Tuesday evening, 2/25/14, we were honored that Irene Becker joined us at Women’s Learning Studio for our inaugural monthly Women of Worth Google Hangout. At the Studio, we believe all women have worth, and Irene took center stage in showing us how truly valuable she is. Her wisdom, humor and enthusiasm radiated from frozen Toronto to warm our hearts and lift our spirits.

Irene was the first woman CEO of a multi-million dollar steel company in Canada, and she was the first Rotarian in Canada. Today, she is the president of Justcoachit and an online dynamo with over 25,000 Twitter followers. She is included in more than 2500 Google+ circles.

Although the topic for our E-vent was Conquering Online Overload, it was so much more. Irene talked about Online Overload, but she filtered it through her unique and insightful lens.

Irene’s work and passion is the 3Q Leadership Model she developed. The three Q’s are IQ, EQ and SQ. It was obvious she has dedicated her life to that work. Her explanation for the 3-Q model is:

  • IQ – (Intelligence) Enhance and strengthen focus, ideation and the ability to learn and relearn
  • EQ – (Emotion) Improve and use emotional intelligence, communication, engagement & resiliency
  • SQ – (Sustainability) Align and concentrate on purpose, values and integrity in thought and action. Throughout the discussion, Irene referred to these traits as the basis for all decisions and the intrinsic motivators for action in life.

Irene advised us to take our strengths and make them stronger. However, she pointed out that breakthrough results also require using strengths AND change, challenges, stressors and even failure.  When talking about using change, she became her most animated. “Change will occur,” she said. “Use it.”

“Evolve or devolve” is her mantra.

Overcome Online Overload

When I asked her how to use this model to overcome online overload, she repeated the importance of focus and learning. She indicated that one must be clear on intention and action.

  • Start with SQ: It is from mission and purpose that all other decisions must originate. Start with long-term purpose and objectives for your business and personal/professional growth and development
  • Apply IQ: Establish strategic business objectives for social media and online interactions
  • Apply EQ: Enhance emotional intelligence in all areas
  • Focus each hour, day, week. This strengthens your brain and increases learning and leads to more focus.
  • Bookend your day: Start and end your day with focus to set your attitude, mood, and intentions.
  • Clear your mind: at least three times a day put your mind in an alpha state through meditation or chanting. Take time off from social media to make your time more productive.

Use Tools to Automate Tasks

From a practical perspective, she suggested using automated social tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer and project management tools like Evernote.  She also touted the Eisenhower Graph with quadrants for Urgent, Important, Urgent but not important, and Not important as a valuable tool for prioritizing tasks.

Keep Learning!

Irene soaks up information. She looks at Twitter as a very powerful learning tool, but she filters information by looking at headlines, using the Twitter list function and RSS feeds. She always asks herself: What do I want to learn? What or whom do I need to follow to enhance my learning?

Irene’s Recipe for Blogging Success

Irene’s 3Q Leadership blog is consistently listed in the top 100 most- shared leadership blogs. In discussing that achievement, she explained that in 2010 she became a computer and social media geek because she recognized the importance of spreading her message to a broader audience.

  • Know your target audience
  • Know why this is your target audience
  • Know why and what you are writing to them
  • Use your strengths and purpose for going forward

Content is critical, but Irene has found that blogs also need a strong visual presence. In the current ADD world, visual impact has become much more important. She has also learned that less is more. Her articles have become more concise over time.

Let’s Support Each Other               women_siloutte_small                             

Because this is Women’s Learning Studio, we discussed how women can use this information and work together to support one another. Irene works primarily with men, but she also has a passion for helping women and joining with other women to enhance success.

She said women have historically been pitted against one another when a primary objective was to find the right husband. In today’s world that may not be the case. Women must share and celebrate one another because they have so much to share and to contribute.

In addition to coming together, however, women must celebrate themselves and recognize their gifts. They must stop trying to be perfect. For me, her most profound statement was: “Ladies, give up perfection. Strive for excellence!”

We are indebted to Irene for taking the time to share her wisdom and experiences with us. You can learn more about her work at and you may want to see her women-focused Pinterest boards, Heroic Women and Changemakers and Women and Leadership. Her book, I Will NOT Be Broken – The Call to Build a Better Future will be published soon. 

We are also indebted to our guests who joined us, asked questions and shared.

We hope you will join us for future Women of Worth and other Studio E-vents. Please look at our calendar and register  for our newsletter to receive notices of other exciting online learning and sharing opportunities. 

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