Tina Barrios

Below are my answers to the Scavenger Hunt

1. Get UnStuck: Come ALIVE with Passion and Style (Sept 24th 5-6PM) is the newest upcoming event because it was updated on July 3rd.

2. Star in your own Life

3. CodeAcademy – sharing of resources and source code

4. Lobby has a variety of areas that include resrouces, discussion groups, tools (surveys)

5. RESET (setting and achieving goals), RETOOL (learning to use online tools and develop leadership skills, RECHARGE (practicing new skills in supportive groups), REBRAND (sharing with a wider and more diverse audience

Services available are coaching/mentoring, online learning tools, opportunities to share and learn with others

6. Cafe Bistro Restaurant

Doris Reeves- Lipscomb – likes to connect and learn online with others that have similar interests

Lyn Boyer – likes developing leaders

Lisa Levinson – likes hiking in the Northern Maine Woods

7. Lyn Boyer’s story about emotional healing because I am on a similar journey and have not yet achieved complete emotional healing

8. Adobe Connect, would like to learn to use Hootsuite

9. Emotional Intelligence Survey Results – You are an Emotional Intelligence Superstar! You clearly understand emotions and how to manage them for yourself, your family, yours group(s) and organization(s). You recognize your own emotions and the emotions of others, and you are comfortable that you can interact effectively on an emotional level. Consequently, you have emotional balance and can maintain healthy relationships.

10. The idea of a virtual spa is a clever idea and one that I think women will relate to for support.

11. Organize your online closet – free, Dashboarding the New Online Craze – $150

This is a very interesting concept and you have done a great job in putting together resources for women.  I think women that have an interest in learning and connecting with others will find this a very valuable site.

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