Jeannie Galindo

Scavenger Hunt Results: Jeannie Galindo

1. On the home page, the newest upcoming E-vent is What’s Your Story? What’s Your Plan? It runs October 1st – October 22nd.

(Recommendation: Events should be listed with newest events posted on top, like a blog, rather than chronologically, first to last)

2. The tag line is “Star in your own life!”
3. Codeacademy is one entry in the directory that interests me.
4. In the resource room, I found a listing of e-tools with their descriptions.
5. The WLS four-step plan is reset, retool, recharge and rebrand. WLS helps by offering learning opportunities as well as collaboration and support.
6. WLS was born in Sarasota’s Café Bistro. The founders are Lyn Boyer, Doris Reeves-Lipscomb and Lisa Levinson. Lyn likes sitting on the dock watching ducks, Doris likes hiking in Maine, and Lisa likes cooking.
7. In the story booth, I most liked Marcia’s story about her grandmother’s example of a strong self-determined woman.
8. I use Google Drive all the time to collaborate with team members.
9. I wanted to take “What’s your EQ?” because it interested me. I found out that there was nothing to click on to take the quiz. Same thing happened with the “Do you promote group trust?” quiz.
(Could be a browser issue: was using Safari on a Mac. Need to make sure the interactive elements of the site are cross platform and cross browser compatible.)
10. I wasn’t surprised by anything in the blog because the orientation session covered the main points in the post.
11. Clicking on the shop link in the scavenger hunt produced a “Not Found” error message.