Brenda Kaulback

Followed the link from the email about reactions to synchronous launch. Still learning my way around so forgive me and feel free to move elsewhere if this is not the right place,  but since the link took me here…

I thought your presentations at the synchronous event were very well done. Liked the slides about changing world. Liked that you got everyone involved through raising hands and polling. The one thing I would have liked was more of a chance to meet the other women who were there. It looked like there were a lot of interesting people there I might like.  I know it would be tricky to do that in a synchronous event – but I wonder if a way could be found. Set us all free on the site maybe? The follow-up questions offer a chance to do just that, but somehow, even a taste of it in the launch would have whetted my appetite for more community…  But, really, overall, you did a great job.

The site looks wonderful and the activities that you have planned look enticing! I look forward to learning more about the other women. The graphics are great and it is easy to move from one activity to another and there seem to be more than one way of getting to the same place, which is great. Sorry I don’t have time to do the scavenger, but I have been poking around the site in my own way and enjoying it thoroughly.