Teresa K. Bowman

1. The e-vent was Get Unstuck- Come Alive with Passion & Style

2. Star in Your Own Life

3. Academia Earth

4. Story Booth- What woman has influenced your most

5. Re-brand, Reset, Retool, Recharge- Collaborating and Supporting

6. Cafe Bistro, Doris likes cooking, Lyn likes travel, and Lisa likes hiking

7. I read Lyn’s story

8. I use Skype, Pinterest and several more. I would like to look at Tiki Toki

9. I took the quiz, “are you an affective leader ?” I was a superstar

10. I like the idea of having a digital portfolio

11. A free one was Organize your Online Closet, a fee one was Five Ways to Boost Your Net Savvy