Marcia Tyrol

1. Get Unstuck: Come ALIVE with Passion and Style

2. Star in your own life

3.  Just looking quickly….EdX and Open Culture look like places I want to spend some web time

4. I looked at Self Discovery and know I wil revisit it to take a quiz or 2, or maybe 10…

5. Reset, Retool, Recharge, Rebrand  through E-events, short learning series, web tools, studio groups and coaching

6.  Lisa, Doris, and Lyn met at Cafe Bistro to discuss a joint venture.  Lynn likes travel; Lisa enjoys cooking;  Doris loves life; you all love dogs.

7.  I need more time to read and watch these.

8.  In my teaching I have used Wikipages, Moodle, and Blogging.  Robin Good’s site looks like it is full of technology innovations and commentary (link doesn’t work, though)

9.  I took the lifelong learner quiz and discovered that my definition differs from the WLS. To me learning has always been about being open to new experiences and being willing to challenge myself to try new things. More experiential than directed. Serendipitous, perhaps.

10.  I only found the first blog post which re-emphasized the richness of this site and the amount of work that has gone into creating the WLS.

I will be back to read the stories and complete #7.  I feel as if I have barely begun to explore and can already see opportunities to learn and begin to assess my skills and strengths.