Hi Mary Ellen,

Thanks for doing the scavenger hunt.  We appreciate your investing time to improve the Studio with your feedback.

And for those who did not have the joy of meeting Sport, he was quite the character.  Mary Ellen used to entertain us with stories of his escapades.  I especially liked the story of how Mary Ellen used to dress him in discarded T-shirts and cover his head and nose with zinc oxide to keep him from developing more skin cancers.  She said she tied a ballerina knot on the top of his back to keep the shirt from dragging on the ground.  Sport was a husky fellow but gentle as he could be.  One day he decided to attend the Junior League luncheon down the street hosted by a good friend of the Earlys.  He hurled himself again and again at the French doors to get their attention and entre to the house.  Wouldn’t you know it?  He was wearing his best Junior League T-Shirt that day.