Mary Ellen Early

1. Get Unstuck; Come Alive

2. Star in Your Own Life

3. Apple I-Tunes

4. Info about WL Studio and help videos

5.  Reset, retool, rebrand, recharge

6. Doris — cooking up something good; Lyn — travel; Lisa — hiking and time with 2 dogs  (PS we had a very good experience with a pit bull (Sport) that we rescued years ago. He was our best god ever.)

7. could not open a story. not sure why!

8. PowerPoint — which I just learned to do. Would probably benefit from learning a website to help with photo storage and sending.

9. Am I an effective coach? The quiz said I am even though I think it is not my strong point. I did like this section a lot for self evaluation.

10. The amount of info that is or will be available.

11. Organize on-line closet.

12. done