Susan Ficke

1. Get Unstuck: Come ALIVE with Passion and Style

2. Star in Your Own Life!

3. I Tunes U

4. Resource Room: Links to tech resources, clustered by topic

5. Stages: Reset, Retool, Recharge, and Rebrand

6. Restaurant: Cafe Bistro; Founders: Doris Reeves-Lipscomb (‘keen to guide curious adults’); Lyn Boyer (‘coaching, online learning, and developing leaders’); Lisa Levinson (‘fostering conversations, discussions and group work’)’

7. Lisa’s story (we are the sum of those whom have touched us)

8. Resource Room: Blackboard, Adobe Connect, many others; Sites of interest: Prezi and Paper.li

9. Self-Discovery: ‘ Do You Generate Trust’ (Answer: ‘Yes!’)

10. Blog: Confused by this page — nothing there to comment on

11. Shop: Free: ‘ Organize Your Online Closet’;  Fee:  Business to Business Consulting

Excellent scavenger hunt! I recommend you add this as a  Web development consulting service  ..  Often orgs do not build this in).