Sarah Cohen

1. I’m not sure of the order listed- newest to oldest or oldest to newest but it’s the top one is the scavenger hunt starting July 9.

2. Star in your own life

3. iTunes U- think it has such a broad range of topics.

4. Resource Room

5. Reset -> Retool ->Recharge -> Rebrand. Learning online leadership skills.

6. Cafe Bistro

Doris : cooking; Lyn: travel; and Lisa: hiking

7. Doris, my lovely crusading aunt, is an inspiration to me to continue to seek out a public service career. And inspires me to be a better cook!

8. I use Skype and would like to learn about blogging.

9. Online IQ test

10, That you can earn badges!

11. Free: Organizing Closet/ Paid: Mirror Mirror

12. Done! But then you are taken away from the website so you have to circle back to enter the answers.

This is a really interesting idea- a “safe space” to learn about things you might be too nervous to admit in person. I like it tremendously and think it has a lot of potential in growing an online community and encouraging personal achievements. Bravo!

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