Judy Kreiling

1. Get Unstuck: Come ALIVE with Passion and Style

2. Star in your own life!

3. Coursera – free education from top universities – it doesn’t get any better than that

4. Story Booth – great opportunity for massaging the EQ part of us that is often unattended

5. Stages: Reset; Retool; Recharge: Rebrand – Services: E-Vents; Coaching

6. Café Bistro in Sarasota, FL Doris: cooking up something good in the kitchen; Lisa: hiking in northern Maine woods; Lynn: travel

7.In the Story Booth I was taken with that even with the diverse backgrounds and careers, all three women emphasized the importance of “support” whether from immediate family or friends. Having personal support, whatever the source, is essential to be successful professionally.

8. Familiar with: Go to Meeting Want to learn to use: Diigo

9. Survey: “Are you a Master Facilitator” As facilitation is a perceived strength, I wanted to see what type of questions were being asked in the survey. I learned that the principals of good facilitation remain consistent.

10. Blog: never though of learning being a ‘virtual spa’ – liked the image it painted in my mind

11. Free: Organizing Your Online Closet Fee: Coaching

The concept of women learning online together should prove popular in the busy world of current workplace. The appeal is that it is serious learning with a dash of humor – nothing intimidating. The site was easy to navigate with the following minor issues: In the registration phase under User Name, it does not state not to have spaces if are using two names – came back to me to fix. Perhaps it was my computer screen but each time I clicked on the “Lobby” drop down the “Self Discovery” bar was hidden until I slid down the side bar to uncover it. Perhaps those were both ‘user error’ but thought worth mentioning. The Beta Test was a good introduction prior to logging in.