Lisa Levinson


Thanks for your suggestions about our screen test. It would have been a great addition to have everyone quickly introduce themselves a little more either on the phone or in the chat. On list for our next synchronous meeting!

Using Brenda’s suggestion, maybe everyone could either post a little about themselves before they post their scavenger hunt answers, or even better, go to the Story Booth discussion and post your story there, so we can meet each other and form a connected beta testing group!

You are correct, Brenda, that the discussions display with the latest entry at the bottom. We don’t have the ability to respond directly to a post or have threaded discussions, but you can certainly use the convention of @lisa, or @Brenda wanting to reply to specific posts. That way we can at least keep track of who and what you are responding to. And, don’t miss a thing by subscribing to receive all posts in your email box. Click on the email status to receive all emails, daily ones, etc. You’ll find that below the text at the top of the group, which is also just above this discussion.

Thanks for taking the time to explore, and we know you will come back when you can.

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