Lisa Levinson


I too am a Mac person (yah us!), and just fixed the shop link (it was working before-the gremlins are at work again!). I was able to access the quizzes with Safari, so I am wondering if you were having internet connection issues. Please try them again and let me know if they still don’t work for you. Give them a few seconds to load on the page, and then take the quiz directly from our site.

We do know that WordPress works best with Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and does not work well with Internet Explorer. You are so right that we should make everyone aware of that. Thanks for the reminder!

It is great having you beta test with us! Please visit often, add your stories to these discussions, meet the other beta testers, and get to know each other by asking questions and making comments. As Brenda Kaulback suggested above, there are many women here she wants to meet and these discussions are a way to do it!