@ Brenda

You responded in exactly the right place! Because this discussion forum does not allow for titling or replying to an individual email, we can only recommend that you indicate, as you did, what or whom you wish to speak to in your post. The linear discussion set-up is one that we try to aid with links placed strategically to the specific forum so you can never go wrong with posting your reactions.

I appreciate your feedback about the synchronous session and website. When I explained our Screentest to friends who could not come on Tuesday, i.e., we did four mini-presentations/tours and wanted to make it as interactive as possible, they were in disbelief–“In 75 minutes?” Your point about wanting to meet the other interesting women in the Screentest is one I echo wholeheartedly. That’s why we hope everyone will choose to register and become part of the Studio network. Then we can socialize in discussions like this one and build relationships with those we resonate with.

Maybe the simple answer to realizing your wish, Brenda, is for us to not pack so much into one session 🙂 and have more get-to-know-you icebreakers? . . . are there other things that you or others might have seen or would like to experiment with that we could try in future synchronous sessions? Please show us the way . . .