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…it is vitally important that we are constantly sharpening our skill set in order to stay competitive and relevant in a volatile jobs market and rapidly changing world. Skills that were cutting edge five years ago are likely out of date now, and the jobs that we will perform in the next decade or two may not even exist yet. What are some of the ways to develop new skills?  –Ann Mehl, Executive and Business Coaching, September 1, 2015

ECO 2.0 is one VERY GOOD way to develop new toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets.

Lisa Levinson and I are proud partners with Bevan Rogel and her talented crew at Encore Tampa Bay to bring encore seekers together in Encore Connect Online 2.0.  ECO 2.0 supports encore seekers with:

  • 21st century digital skills that help you compete in today’s job market or land exciting community service opportunities
  • an online network to clarify personal direction and make new friends
  • freedom to explore key encore issues with peers
  • personal & group coaching from us WLS learning concierges–Lisa and Doris–to overcome barriers to using new technologies and online routines

ECO 2.0’s timeline will work as follows:


Pilot ECO members endorsed their four-month experience that concluded in August.  See what they said below.

Annette, ECO pilot veteran

Annette, ECO pilot veteran

I joined the ECO launch not knowing exactly what to expect, but excited at the prospect of being on the forefront and to connect with others in the Encore community. ECO has more than met my expectations!

I learned about many new technologies for collaboration, information sharing, job posting sites and intermediaries. We also shared “best practices” for using social media including LinkedIn and Twitter. New types of resumes, such as infographic ones were also presented. There were so many paths to explore that I have a large resource treasure trove yet to investigate.

Everyone provided suggestions to assist in our journey. I feel I have a solid group that I can reach out to in the future. I will definitely be signing up for ECO 2.0! –Annette

* * * * *

Deborah, ECO pilot veteran

Deborah, ECO pilot veteran

When the idea of the ECO online group was presented to me, I was intrigued by what the group was going to cover and the resources to be presented. I was excited about being able to participate in a pilot program and help to shape the topics of discussion.

Having spent the last four months with the ECO group, researching topics, technologies and resources, and then being able to share and discuss what we’d uncovered, I was struck by how effortless it was. The discussions fostered a culture of sharing and encouragement, laughter and a feeling of belonging.

I re-honed my research skills and discovered we’re not alone – we have a network of people that we can count on to “have our backs” – that in and of itself means a great deal.–Deborah

* * * * *

You demystified the process through videos and emails, and helped everyone succeed.–Lee

* * * * *

…without the facilitation and coordination and helping me learn this technology and get involved with it, I would have been lost. I definitely got what I needed.–Barry

* * * * *

We expect several ECO pilot members to join us for ECO 2.0.  They are willing to mentor and share lessons learned with ECO 2.0 newbies as well as expand their own skills and knowledge.

ECO 2.0 is:

  • Personal (between 15-20 registrants)
  • Social (monthly group conversations online & ongoing online interactions as desired with peers)
  • Quick (12 weeks from start to finish)
  • Convenient (one virtual face-to-face online 90-minute session each month; you schedule everything else as desired with ECO peers)
  • Self-directed and -managed (you decide how much time to commit to your learning focus each week), and
  • Inexpensive at $50 (five 90-minute group sessions; up to three bonus sessions for 1-1 support & group project collaborations; learning concierge services, and a private online space for text conversations and resource sharing).

Interested in learning more? Read this ECO_flyer_2015 or view it in context at

Interested in registering? Go to the St. Petersburg Greenhouse to complete registration or contact Bevan at

Questions about ECO operations and support? Contact Lisa and Doris at

We hope to see you in ECO 2.0 in a few short weeks.

* * * * * *

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