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Online Projects: Solutions for Learning AND Doing

In her most recent blog post, Doris talked about online projects as a tool for collaborative learning. In that blog she described a valuable process for collaborative projects that included identifying a challenge that matters to you, seeking people who share your passion, reframing goals and mission, and establishing a timeline, target milestones and regular […]

Bevan Gray-Rogel Promotes Encore Careers

Doris, Lisa and I had the wonderful opportunity to video chat with Bevan Gray-Rogel on Adobe Connect last week. We were honored that she took time to participate in our online Women of Worth Series. (You can scroll down to see the edited video–24 min).  At Women’s Learning Studio, we believe all women have worth, […]

Social Media, Women Entrepreneurs and a Dilemma

Recently, I talked with a professional woman who said she needed to learn how to use social media for her business. She seemed mystified by how to use Twitter and Facebook to expand her online presence, and she said she would like to learn more.  She is not alone. According to the 2014 National Association […]

How to Tap Into YOUR Entrepreneurial Spirit

Women continue to talk about Leaning In, Diving In and sometimes Digging In. Both the opportunities and challenges can be overwhelming. However, the women who are going to be successful, whatever their definitions of success, remain focused on how success looks and how it feels. They are the ones who are intent on changing the […]

Get Unstuck and Come ALIVE with Passion and Style

Have you ever felt like you were slogging through molasses? That you review the same questions and options over and over with no apparent conclusion? That much more awaits you, but you don’t know where to find it? I have been there and I know it’s frustrating. That is why I developed a process and […]

Irene Becker Hangs Out with WLS to Conquer Online Overload

Tuesday evening, 2/25/14, we were honored that Irene Becker joined us at Women’s Learning Studio for our inaugural monthly Women of Worth Google Hangout. At the Studio, we believe all women have worth, and Irene took center stage in showing us how truly valuable she is. Her wisdom, humor and enthusiasm radiated from frozen Toronto […]

Is Online Training a Waste of Time and Money?

I was interested to read an article from CNBC discussing how corporations are embracing online courses as a way to significantly trim personnel training and certification costs.  The author, Ellen Lee, cites a report from Bersin, a unit of Deloitte Consulting, indicating that corporations spend approximately $130 billion each year for those costs. Lee mentions […]

Does Your Valentine Need the Gift of Your Presence?

The theme for Women’s Learning Studio this month is Online Overload—naming it and taming it. As I thought about Valentine’s Day this week, I began to consider how online overload and overuse can affect relationships and how people can ensure that relationships do not suffer because of the time spent in a virtual world. We […]

Gifts, Blessings and Gratitude

As we come to the end of the year and look forward to 2014, we asked Charlee Hanna, blogger, website manager, organization guru and white-water rafter, to write a guest blog for you following our theme for this month  — gifts and celebrations. We hope you find it as meaningful as we did…  I have had […]