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New Year and New Next Steps

As you know, Doris and I took some time off to reimagine the Women’s Learning Studio, reset our goals, and determine what, if any, the WLS future holds. Being the eternal optimists we are, with a dose of pragmatism thrown in, we are embarking on a new WLS adventure with a more narrowly targeted focus […]

Build Your Personal Learning Networks by Giving Back

In last week’s blog, Doris outlined the many benefits of building networks and working out loud. Sounds easy, no? If you haven’t worked this way before, you may answer, No! How do you begin to build networks for learning and sharing if you are new to this way of working, come from or are in […]

Personal Learning is in Your Future!

Doris and I have been musing about learning and reflection in this series of blog posts. I began with Reflection and Journaling: Seek, Sense, Share and Doris followed with Adopting the Habit of Reflecting and Journaling in Your PKM. We both explored how reflection is necessary for understanding and assessing one’s learning, and how developing […]

Reflection and Journaling: Seek, Sense, Share

Doris and I have blogged a lot about personal knowledge mastery, or PKM. This seek, sense, share process of seeking information, making sense of it, and sharing out what you learn is essential for “working out loud” online with others. Sometimes we get stuck on the seeking information part of the PKM process, and don’t […]

Getting your resume noticed by ATS and human screeners

For the last 2 weeks Doris and I have been exploring job boards – their use, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. As part of the research I did on What are job boards, and do they work? I uncovered the fact that applicant tracking systems, or ATS, make the determination of which resumes to pass along […]

What are Job Boards, and Do They Work?

In last week’s blog, Making Sense of 2015 to Boost Success in 2016, Doris mentioned that our blog focus is changing. We are planning to immerse ourselves in several projects, and report here, work out loud, about what we are finding and learning. This, our first project, grew out of our partnership with Encore Tampa […]

Reflection on this year’s learning gifts

This time of year always lends itself to reflection for me. We are rapidly approaching the end of the year, this week I had my birthday (that always puts me in a reflective mood), and people are already voicing their New Year’s resolutions. Before I can join in on making resolutions, I have a need […]

Disagreeing Out Loud

Doris and I have written a lot about “working out loud” – how learning is morphing in workplaces from individuals hoarding information to everyone sharing resources, processes, ideas, and expertise online and in the open in various blog posts (See this post on the benefits of working this way). One of the early proponents of working […]