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Focus to Work Effectively Online

In preparing for a recent overnight visit from long-time friends, I was reminded of the French phrase mise en place—establishing intent and work plan by putting the food items and equipment in place in the kitchen prior to cooking. Since my brigade de cuisine is mainly me, I had to work ahead of their arrival […]

‘Tis the season: Top 100 Learning Tools for 2013

The results are in — learning professionals around the globe have voted! The report on the 100 most valued learning tools in 2013 has been published at the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies.  Jane Hart, the C4LPT founder and leader, built the list from selections identified by more than 500 learning professionals from 48 […]

Props for People and Learning Bubbles

This week I’ll enjoy Thanksgiving with my husband and family.  Our custom before the big meal—with glass in hand—is for each of us to give thanks for someone or something in our lives.  I would like to import that tradition into this post by honoring the people in my learning bubbles for inspiring, informing, and […]