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Learning from Our Parents, Millennials, and ECO

Lisa’s Memorial Day post on her father’s self-effacing leadership and that of General Eisenhower, later to become President Eisenhower, moved and informed me. Father’s Day is Sunday. As this annual honoring of fathers approaches, I’m reminded of how my Dad helped shaped me and my learning values. My Dad was naturally curious throughout his life. […]

Hollywood Project Model: New Work Norm?

We like projects at the Women’s Learning Studio. We have written in this blog before about their learning value for us to acquire new skills and opportunity to do important work and make a positive difference in people’s quality of life. But we could never have predicted the huge adoption of the short-term, project model […]

Meetings to Learn and Achieve Results

Eliminate recurring meetings? Make meetings optional? Convene leaner and faster meetings? Convert from face-to-face to virtual meetings? I discovered recently from bloggers in my PLN (Personal Learning Network) that large companies such as Dropbox, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel are taking the above steps to limit meetings that steal their employees’ time and erode their productivity. Maybe […]

Re:Purposed Art: A Parallel to Online Learning?

Lisa invited me to the Re:Purposed Exhibit at the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota last week. I was delighted to have the chance to go. The exhibit features ten artists who take discarded refuse from bottle caps to plastic bottles to faded pink flamingos to crocheted tams and audio cassette tapes […]

Striving for Greater Fitness At Work

A few weeks ago, I hiked the Milford Track in New Zealand over three days and reflected on the journey in this blog.  I observed that “less time at the computer, and more hours walking and building stronger muscles BEFORE my NZ trip” would have allowed me to enjoy the glorious surroundings more. I also […]

Powering Up Offline in New Zealand

Two seagulls seem to be scolding me . . . it sounds like they are saying “Where is my lunch?”  “Don’t you have food to give me NOW?” I am sitting at a small table outside a studio unit on a Pacific beach in Hahei, New Zealand, an end of the road driving destination, yet […]

Internet, Digital Technology, and Aging Well

From the time we are born, everyone is aging. I just have more experience at it. We should all be so lucky. So said a speaker at the first listening session at the 2015 White House Conference on Aging (WHCOA) held in Tampa on February 19. The WHCOA listening series started in Tampa and will […]