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Lisa Levinson and Doris Reeves-Lipscomb in front of their poster presentation AT THE IFWE conference in San Antonio, December 2014

Lisa Levinson and Doris Reeves-Lipscomb in front of their poster presentation  at the IFWE conference in San Antonio, December 2014



Lisa Levinson, Women, Learning, Studio, Online, CoursesI grew up in a house where we all sat around the dinner table in the kitchen and talked about our day, house repairs, vacation plans, news about other family members, politics, civil rights, social justice, and the peace movement. These dinner conversations set the stage for not only my own family, but also for the direction for my work. Now, as a co-founder and managing director of the Women’s Learning Studio, Lyn, Doris, and I sit around the virtual breakfast table working on the Studio as well as talking about politics, social justice, and our families.

I am passionate about fostering conversations, discussions, and group work that results in positive, meaningful interactions, deeper communal and individual learning, understanding of multiple perspectives, and reaching common goals. Whether working with people in person or creating online communities, I believe in the power of helping to create a safe, open space to explore new worlds and spark creative, productive, and satisfying learning opportunities. The Women’s Learning Studio is such a space-come join us and as we say, star in your own life!

I live in Maine with my husband and 2 rescue pit bull mixes for most of the year, but we do all spend 3 months in Florida in the winter. I love hiking in the northern Maine woods, walking on any beach, playing with the dogs, cooking and eating, movies, art, being outdoors. When I have time, I love to bead with beading friends and enjoy the bead colors and textures and variety. Do drop me a line and chat about how the Studio can work with you-I’d love to hear from you:


Doris Reeves-Lipscomb, Women, Learning, Studio, Online, Courses, CoachingThe digital world changes so fast! I still remember how embarrassed I was being unable to get inside an online meeting room years ago.  With a little study, practice, and the help of peers, I learned about meeting rooms and much more.  Join us and other Studio members – you will become a digital powerhouse of learning and doing in no time.

I am keen to guide curious adults—from teenagers to the chronologically gifted (people who are at least ten years older than I am!)—to name their learning goals, focus their attention, and connect and learn online with others who have similar interests. Learning to connect in online groups, communities, and networks is a vital skill for staying employable.  It’s also critical to taking charge of your professional development and benefiting from diverse perspectives.

So much of the Studio premise has come from Lisa’s, Lyn’s and my learning journeys. We applied our collective experiences as we developed our E-vents and Learning Series. My earlier work as a state legislative analyst, advocate for older Americans, state government executive, and group facilitator informs what I do now.  Each day with the Studio brings me victories and opportunities to learn even more, sometimes kicking and screaming, as I peer over the edge into the unknown.  Do you ever feel that way?

I reside in the beautiful Tampa Bay area with my husband Bentley and our retired racing greyhounds. LG’s slogan–Life’s Good–captures my usual state of mind.  I believe in the power of flow and courage of vulnerability and have fun with whatever I do whether it’s cooking up something good in the kitchen, in community meeting rooms, and in the Studio online with you. I’d love to know you better; contact me at doris @

Our History

On a sunny day in Sarasota, Florida in January 2012, three women had lunch at the Bijou Café: Doris Reeves-Lipscomb, Lyn Boyer, and Lisa Levinson. Doris was the connector-she worked with Lisa growing and supporting online communities, and she knew Lyn socially. We each came to the table with different perspectives.

What started out as an exploration of what we might do together evolved over the next year into the Women’s Learning Studio start-up venture. We all wanted a place where women could safely experiment with online learning and internet tools and develop online leadership skills. To increase impact, we turned our attention to working with women’s associations offering our services as a benefit for members. Although we still work with small groups of women, we can reach many more through this approach.

As we continued to home in on our target offers, Lyn decided to return to her coaching practice. Doris and Lisa continue to develop the Studio and work with associations and organization members and staff. We connect with Lyn on special projects such as the Women of Worth interviews, and are grateful for her wonderful contributions to this site and her continued friendship.