Welcome to The Women’s Learning Studio

What is the result of a shared passion, vision, and online meeting space?

The Women’s Learning Studio!

We planned, learned, and built the Studio using online tools with a few wonderful face-to-face meetings in between. It is a friendly, fun virtual space because it was developed by friendly, fun women using webcams, online meeting spaces (mostly Adobe Connect), wikis, email, discussion groups, and other forays into online tools to get our work done.

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You can actualize your online dreams too! Join us!

We specialize in consulting with organizations, nonprofit, and public groups that have a stake in developing the online capability of staff members, volunteers, or executives. We help you build both onsite and distributed capacity to get work done using online tools, routines, and behaviors. Working “out loud” builds community, allows everyone to be a leader, and results in greater creativity and outcomes.

Begin now – work with us today! We provide customized services based on your needs:
Our costs are determined project-by-project, so you don’t pay for services you don’t need. We believe in an experienced-based approach to integrate new knowledge and skills with paid or volunteer work, and especially in your everyday life!

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