New Year and New Next Steps

As you know, Doris and I took some time off to reimagine the Women’s Learning Studio, reset our goals, and determine what, if any, the WLS future holds. Being the eternal optimists we are, with a dose of pragmatism thrown in, we are embarking on a new WLS adventure with a more narrowly targeted focus (we hope!) that we will share with you soon.

Part of our journey to restart our journey involved reflecting on our learning – from our WLS experience so far, and as the lifelong learning junkies we are. We are going to re-start our blog, posting about twice a month, to document our learning and to get back into the habit of regular reflection and sharing. As we have said before, blogs are a great way to reflect and share!

Doris will post her learning in another blog soon, but here are my three biggest ahas from this time of WLS dormancy, the work I do as a consultant, mediator, and facilitator, and from the events of the past several months. Please contact us and we’ll add your three biggest learnings – we’d love to hear them! Read more