Getting your resume noticed by ATS and human screeners

For the last 2 weeks Doris and I have been exploring job boards – their use, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. As part of the research I did on What are job boards, and do they work? I uncovered the fact that applicant tracking systems, or ATS, make the determination of which resumes to pass along to employers, and which to reject based on keywords and other searchable elements. Job board ATS reject 70 – 90% of applicant resumes. Large employers also now use ATS to sift through the piles of applications before a human takes over the hiring process. Up to 90% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS.

Doris pointed out last week in her blog Boomers looking online for work: some things to consider, the Jobvite index shows that employee referrals are the best way to get hired. I wondered, between most resumes being weeded out by ATS and most hires being from employee referrals, are job boards worth the effort? Read more

Boomers Looking Online for Work: Some Things to Consider


icons-842879_640I began looking for my first “real” job weeks before I graduated from college with a social work degree. This meant scanning the classified ads in the local newspaper. I found an ad for an entry level social worker position. I completed the lengthy job application on my typewriter and carried it back to the local state employment office. I turned it over to the personnel clerk who placed it in a manila folder on her desk. I waited for a phone call or letter requesting an interview with me.

It seems rather simple now, even quaint, doesn’t it? Read more

What are Job Boards, and Do They Work?

In last week’s blog, Making Sense of 2015 to Boost Success in 2016, Doris mentioned that our blog focus is changing. We are planning to immerse ourselves in several projects, and report here, work out loud, about what we are finding and learning.

This, our first project, grew out of our partnership with Encore Tampa Bay. Doris is working with a subcommittee of ETB, and the discussion of matching boomers and employers or volunteer opportunities, both for profit and nonprofit, arose from feedback from ETB participants. Job boards can do just that. Doris set to work using her masterful search skills, and uncovered 54 job boards in no time at all. Read more

Making Sense of 2015 to Boost Success in 2016

How did 2015 go for you? Was it a good year, bad year, somewhere in between?

As you think about what you did last year, what learning gems will enrich your work-life this year? I ask because the seek-sense-share learning cycle Lisa and I follow includes reflecting on our experiences and applying our learning to our future decisions and performance.

books-677897_640Lisa’s blog post with its observations on 2015 and learning goals for this year intrigued me. I, too, am looking back at 2015 to decide what to keep, adapt, or discard. My insights are offered below. If you wish to enlighten or even rescue me, please comment on this post below or email us here. Read more