Learning Journeys to Build Web Literacy

Comic strips quickly engage, inform, and inspire us to start learning journeys. They’re also funny!

Last June, I blogged about how the partnership between two comic strip artists—Pearls before Swine cartoonist Stephen Pastis and Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson—had role modeled collaborating effectively online. Critical success factors included their opening up to each other, trying new ways of working, and selecting the right communications tools.



Walt, Curtis' Dad

Walt, Curtis’ Dad

Last week, Curtis, an 11-year-old African-American boy featured in the comic strip Curtis by Ray Billingsley, assessed why his hair-pulling-out-in-frustration father could not connect to a network from his laptop. Curtis—the typical flippant adolescent—said that it was “Simple” and then rattled off six may-be reasons for his Dad’s inability to access the network. His Dad, a hard-working man with much to learn about computer technology, replied, “Thank you for simplifying that.”

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Content Curation: It Takes A Network

We are all bombarded by content these days from email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, and other social media we engage with. If you are like me, all this content can be overwhelming. Sifting through it all takes so much time and can be daunting (in her blog last week Doris describes how she is taming her email, for example). Yet, sift through it I do as contained in all the flotsam and jetsam are gold nuggets that contribute to my learning/working/thinking out loud (see my previous blog about learning/working online).

Can we become content curators so we can find, use, and share these gold nuggets easily?

There is a lot of information on content curation and management – just use a search engine and you’ll see. Many search results yield content management systems (CMS).  Although CMS are helpful, more and more bloggers that I follow are emphasizing the importance of seeking out quality information using reliable sources, and sharing that information with networks. CMS are tools to use, but don’t sort through what is quality from what is popular or trending.
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I Resolve–Five Steps to Email Sanity

We are two weeks into the New Year. Have you already transformed and reformed everything in your life?

Come on … you know the things I’m talking about: exercising regularly; eating right; dealing with frustrations at work and not taking them home with you? Or maybe you have found the key to establish and maintain your focus at work? Or reduce your email overload to gain time and productivity?

No? Not yet? Whew! Me either. Read more

The Gift of Reflecting and Learning: More Not All Gifts Come Wrapped

This time of year is ripe with reflections about the past year and resolutions for the new one. I am no different, and it is once again time for me to review my Personal Learning Plan (PLP) for what I did learn over the past year, as well as set new learning goals for 2015.

Doris, Lyn, and I, and now Doris and I, use this blog to “learn out loud” with all of you and with each other. Doris’s post All Gifts Do Not Come Wrapped inspired me to also review our blogs this past year, and reflect on those that pushed my learning and inspired me, and also helped me update my PLP. Read more