Bevan Gray-Rogel, Encore Tampa Bay

Bevan Gray-Rogel Promotes Encore Careers

Doris, Lisa and I had the wonderful opportunity to video chat with Bevan Gray-Rogel on Adobe Connect last week. We were honored that she took time to participate in our online Women of Worth Series. (You can scroll down to see the edited video–24 min). 

At Women’s Learning Studio, we believe all women have worth, and Bevan very definitely demonstrated her passion and enthusiasm for her work with Baby Boomers and others in transition as they move into encore careers. Read more

What Young Entrepreneurial Women Can Teach Us

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with my sister and her family for the holiday in Washington, DC. The cherry blossoms were at their peak, the magnolias and forsythia were in full bloom, the tulips and redbuds bloomed before my eyes. It was a beautiful color wheel of Spring!

Aside from the natural show, it was a chance to catch up on the lives of my wonderful, accomplished nieces. Simone, the youngest, is a program manager at Microsoft in the Bing division, and spends her days thinking about machine learning. In trying to find out what that was, it became apparent that her work days are immersed in teamwork for entrepreneurial thinking. Thinking outside the box and being as creative as possible to improve the product is no big deal to her, but constitutes her work life. Read more

Entrepreneurial DNA and Learning Online

Every week brings me something new.

This week, my copy of Don’t Go Back to School:  A Handbook for Learning Anything by Kio Stark arrived.  The book is about people, and for people who choose to build knowledge and competence outside traditional school settings. It is an easy-to-read handbook that’s meant to be applied. It also bolsters the premise of the Studio that anyone with passion and purpose can learn, lead, and connect online.

Stark’s research revealed four facts about successful learning outside institutions.

  • It isn’t done alone.
  • For many professions, credentials aren’t necessary, and the processes for getting credentials are changing.
  • The most effective, satisfying learning is learning that which is more likely to happen outside of school.
  • People who are happiest with their learning process and most effective at learning new things—in any educational environment—are people who are learning for the right reasons and who reflect on their own way of learning to figure out which processes and methods work best for them. 

Stark initially refers to these out-of-school learners as independent. But she concedes readily that “People don’t learn in isolation,” but rather through “connections they forge to communities and experts and access to the other learners.”  They are really in(ter)dependent learners relying on “other people to learn with and from.” And “The internet has always been good for this kind of community-based mutual aid.”

I was hooked and continued reading.

Read more

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Social Media, Women Entrepreneurs and a Dilemma

Recently, I talked with a professional woman who said she needed to learn how to use social media for her business. She seemed mystified by how to use Twitter and Facebook to expand her online presence, and she said she would like to learn more.  She is not alone.

According to the 2014 National Association of Women Business Owners Report, 85% of women entrepreneurs believe using social media will help their businesses. However, only 67% of them actually use it to market their products and services. In addition, only 54% of women business owners are confident that they can build a social media presence. As we looked at these numbers, Lisa, Doris and I saw ourselves. We have learned a great deal about what social media really means and what it takes to build a business. However, continuing to improve our effective use of social media is a work in progress.

Whether it is the time required to use it or the time and effort required to learn how, women entrepreneurs should look seriously at how they use or do not use all the tools available to them if they are going to make the most of the changing marketplace. Read more

Women Embody the Entrepreneurial Spirit

I was inspired by CNN’s 10 Visionary Women last week, especially since they were all engaging in entrepreneurial ventures to make a difference in the world, sometimes motivated by their daughters’ futures. It got me thinking about the entrepreneurial spirit, because all 10 women embodied it. It was encouraging to see a major news outlet honor women who were not the highest paid or had reached the top of their profession, as important as that is, but had, in some cases, left that type of career to create opportunities for others. They all had the character traits and skills outlined in Lyn’s blog last week to have realized their vision into working ventures, and the passion for their work jumped off the screen and into my head and heart. Read more