3 Leadership “Truths” Women Should Ignore

This week, we asked Dana Theus, whose work we admire very much, to share an article with Women’s Learning Studio. We hope you find it as valuable as we did. 

3 Leadership Truths Women Should IgnoreLeadership advice runs rampant on the internet, which is fine because most of it comes from a place of wisdom and reflection.

If you’re a woman aspiring to lead, however, there is one tiny problem with this spew of “how to” and “Top 10” lists. Since our dominant leadership culture is male, the majority of the advice is largely designed to make men better leaders. In most cases, the advice is fine for women, too, but watch out because some of it can be disastrous to your career.

Specifically, ladies, keep an eye out for the leadership lessons trying to help men overcompensate for some testosterone-induced bad habits. These bad boss habits include lack of empathy, rigidity and egotism. On average, this is not your problem! Read more

Props for People and Learning Bubbles

This week I’ll enjoy Thanksgiving with my husband and family.  Our custom before the big meal—with glass in hand—is for each of us to give thanks for someone or something in our lives.  I would like to import that tradition into this post by honoring the people in my learning bubbles for inspiring, informing, and guiding me to learn and do this year.

You might be asking what learning bubbles are. 

Learning bubbles are the people and forums we select or create to explore and work on issues that matter to us.  Read more




I appreciate the spirit of this time of year – looking back and giving thanks for what we have and what is important to us. Reflection is always a major part of the learning process. And, at our table on the Thanksgiving holiday, we give thanks out loud, each of us around the table names as many people, events, even things we are thankful for. It doesn’t matter that we are of different religions, nationalities, personalities, sexual orientations, political parties. We unite in appreciating our lives, each other, the food, and our blessings. Read more